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Measurements of Location Spreadsheet
Teach yourself statistics...


File Size: 36 KB
Date Added: July 2003
Requirements: Microsoft Excel 97 and higher



First in a series of statistic tutorials in spreadsheet form.  Teach yourself the basics of statistics.

Statistics is the science of collecting, organizing, presenting, analyzing and interpreting numerical data so as to assist in making a more effective decision.  This is also known as descriptive statistics.

This spreadsheet focus on the measurement of central tendency for ungrouped (raw) data.  This is also known as the measurement of averages.  It locates the center of values.

The spreadsheet contains a separate page where each of the measurements are described and calculated.  The explanations also describe when it is appropriate to use the particular measurement.  You may change the values and see how it affects the calculation of the measurement.  All pages are preformatted to be printed.

  • Mean explained
  • Mode explained
  • Median explained
  • Weighted Mean explained
  • Arithmetic Mean explained
  • Geometric Mean explained
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