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Business Valuation Spreadsheet

How much is your business worth?


File Size: 28 KB
Date Added: Jan 2003
Requirements: Microsoft Excel 97 and higher



If you are looking for a quick valuation of your business then this valuation spreadsheet is for you.  The valuation spreadsheet contain 3 worksheets.  Two worksheets help you calculate the value of your business as a going concern and at liquidation.  The third worksheet help you to calculate weighted average cost of capital.

If you choose to value your business as a going concern then you will need to provide the capital at the start of the financial year, the rate of return ratio on invested capital and the weighted average cost of capital.  There are 3 scenario's to calculate from:  worst case, most likely and best case scenario, regarding the expected growth in earnings.  A valuation is calculated from free cash flow using each of the three growth scenarios.

If you business is being liquidated you can use the second worksheet to calculate the estimated liquidation value for ordinary shareholders.  Enter the market or scrap value for each asset class as well as the expected liquidation costs.  Enter the monies owed for bond repayments, creditors, taxes due and preference shareholders which are subtracted from the liquidation value of the business.  What remains is the value distributable to ordinary shareholders, calculated in cents per share.

The worksheet for calculating weighted average cost of capital contains detail calculation for each type of capital used:  ordinary shares, preference shares, bonds and other long term debt.  The capital asset pricing model is used to calculate the expected return on ordinary shares.  For this you'll need to know the beta, market premium and risk free rate of return for your type of business.  There are separate templates to help calculate the cost of bonds, preference shares and other long term debt.

  • Valuation spreadsheet for going concern
  • Valuation spreadsheet for businesses being liquidated
  • Worksheet to calculate weighted average cost of capital
  • Easy navigation bar
  • Worksheets preformatted to be printed
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