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Financial Analysis

Analyze financial statements and see how well a business is doing.


File Size: 76 KB
Date Added: Aug 2002
Requirements: Microsoft Excel 97 and higher


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Entrepreneurs or investors with some basic accounting knowledge might have the need to analyze the financial statements of a business in more detail.

This financial analysis spreadsheet can be used for this purpose.  You enter the financial results.  The spreadsheet then calculates 26 financial ratio's classified according to profitability, growth, activity and risk.  There are optional comments to explain the meaning of the ratio's and to help you understand the results.  The layout of the financial statements have been designed according to Generally Accepted Accounting Practice.  Pre-programmed formulas in the spreadsheet will do the adding and subtracting for you and warn you if the figures don't balance.  The totals and net amounts calculated can be quickly compared to the financial results to double check that you've entered all the amounts correctly.

There is also a free online user manual.

  • Compatible for incorporated or non-incorporated businesses
  • Compatible for business that trade services or goods
  • 26 financial ratio's are calculated
  • Ratio's classified according to profitability, growth, activity and risk
  • Optional comments explain the results
  • Worksheets are preformatted to be printed
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