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Cash Flow Planning for Retailers
How much are you receiving and spending?


File Size: 39 KB
Date Added: June 2003
Requirements: Microsoft Excel 97 and higher



This Excel spreadsheet has been developed following requests from customers who used our free Cash Flow Planner and wanted something similar for their retail businesses.  The user can update all text and values in blue.  Black text and values contain formulas and should not be changed.  As the user enter amounts the results are automatically calculated.

The spreadsheet contain a new section for cash and credit sales estimation.  Together with the debtor days figure it can calculate how much money you will receive in debtor account payments for each month.  Detail of how the debtor receipts and debtor balances are calculated are also shown at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

Cash receipts include money received for cash sales, debtors, capital deposits, loans and interest received.  Cash payments include both normal retail expense items as well as installments on financing and payments for capital assets.  We have tried to include a wide variety of retail items under payments.  You may also change the description of the items in blue text.

The total receipts, total payments, net cash flow and expected bank balance for each month is automatically calculated.  The spreadsheet is preformatted to be printed.

  • Cash and credit sales estimation
  • Automatic debtor payment estimation
  • Capital and income receipts
  • Capital and expense payments
  • Net cash flow per month calculated
  • Expected bank balance calculated
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