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Financial Budget for Service Companies
What will happen in the next 5 years?


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Date Added: March 2003
Requirements: Microsoft Excel 97 and higher


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This financial budget for service companies spreadsheet will help you plan your financial budget for up to 5 years into the future.  The financial budget spreadsheet is designed for businesses that deliver services and do not carry any inventory.  The budget spreadsheet was designed for a customer who wanted a simple but structured way to plan his business' finances as part of his business plan.  The spreadsheet contains a cash flow budget, a profit and loss budget as well as a balance sheet budget.

All input is done on a single input worksheet which is well structured to make accurate predictions of future income and expenses.  Sample figures are shown in blue and can be changed.  The budgets are automatically calculated as the figures are entered.  Expenses on the input sheet are split between variable and fixed expenses.  Debtor days outstanding and creditor days outstanding as well as a provision for bad debt can be entered.  Details of fixed assets purchased can be entered.  Tax is also taken into account.

The cash flow budget calculates the opening and closing bank balance for each year.  Detail of cash received and cash payments is shown as well as total cash receipts and total cash payments for each year.

The profit and loss budget shows total units billed as well as total expected income for each year.  Detail of expenses are shown.  Tax for each year is calculated as well as the retained income for the year.

The balance sheet budget shows details of capital, long term liabilities, fixed assets, current assets and current liabilities.  A detail breakdown of transactions with fixed assets is shown.  Detail of transactions regarding long term liabilities is also shown.

The financial statement is designed according to generally accepted accounting practice.

There is also a free online user manual.

  • A single input sheet that is well structured
  • Cash Flow budget
  • Profit and Loss budget
  • Balance Sheet budget
  • Menu system on each sheet for easy navigation
  • Worksheets are preformatted to be printed
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