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World Time Zones

What time is it?


File Size: 323 KB
Date Added: Nov 2001
Requirements: Windows 98 and higher


Zip file with source code also available

Use this world time zone software to calculate time and time differences among more than 230 countries and regions around the globe.  Adjust the time of day in the left most panel.  Select or deselect the daylight savings time options.  Choose the destination you wish to calculate the time for in the left most panel.  Press the TAB key and watch the time being calculated.  Then you may re-adjust the destination panel, press the TAB key again and watch the time being recalculated in the rightmost panel.  In other words you can calculate the time both to and from the source and destination.  This is great if you want to find a good meeting time schedule an online chat cession.  All countries and regions is sorted alphabetically so it is easy to find the source or destination.  For the USA and Canada we've included each state.
  • 230 countries and regions
  • Option to choose daylight savings time
  • World map showing time bands
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