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Measurement Conversion

Planning to measure something?


File Size: 274 KB
Date Added: May 2002
Requirements: Windows 98 and higher


Zip file with source code also available

This Windows desktop application allows you to convert among metric and imperial measurements.  Convert weight, length, distance, area, volume, content and temperature.  Simply find and enter the value in the field you want to convert from.  Then press the TAB key and watch all the other values in the category being recalculated automatically.
  • Convert weight:  gramme, kilogram, metric ton, ounce, pound short ton
  • Convert length and distance:  centimeter, meter, kilometer, inch, foot, mile
  • Convert area: square centimeter, square meter, square kilometer, square inch, square foot, square mile
  • Convert volume:  cubic centimeter, cubic meter, cubic inch, cubic foot
  • Convert content:  liter, pint, gallon
  • Convert temperature:  degrees Celsius, degrees Fahrenheit
  • Choose number of digits to display.
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