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Price Inflation Software

Avoid inflation!


File Size: 440 KB
Date Added: Jun 2002
Requirements: Windows 98 and higher


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Keep track of increasing food and other household expenses with this easy to use price inflation software.  Enter the price per household item and how long it lasts or will be used for.  The price inflation software then calculates the cost per day and per month you spend on this item.  It also calculates the annual rate of change in the item's price each time you update it.  You don't need to keep track on a daily basis of all the items.  Set up the data once using a month's receipts and bills.  Then revisit the price inflation software after a few months and this time just re-enter the prices for a selected number of items repurchased.  Then sort the items descending on the cost per day field or the rate of change field and voila!  Display a list of items to identify the most expensive items you spend money on.

There is also a free online user manual available.

  • Calculates cost/day and cost/month of household items
  • Calculates annual rate of change in price for each item
  • Load and save multiple data files
  • Print detail and summary reports
  • Sort items ascending or descending on any of 8 fields
  • Find items by text or value.
  • Display each item separately or view a list of all items.

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