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Portfolio Management Spreadsheet

Keep track and evaluate your investments...


File Size: 20 KB
Date Added: Nov 2002
Requirements: Microsoft Excel 97 and higher



To successfully manage your portfolio of investments you need to carefully select and prioritize each investment.  You have to determine which investment is adding the greatest value to your portfolio at the quickest rate.  This portfolio management spreadsheet uses internal rate of return (IRR) to evaluate investment performance.  The internal rate of return is automatically calculated.

The portfolio management spreadsheet is easy to use.  You enter details of your investments such as cash held, investment name and code, market price, number of shares held, total cost and date of first purchase.  The portfolio management spreadsheet will calculate the total market value, the profit or loss, internal rate of return and size in percent of each investment.  The total market value of investments and cash held is calculated.  The portfolio management spreadsheet can be used if you invest in cash deposits, listed shares, investment trusts, unit trusts or mutual funds.  There is also a pie chart available which shows the market value of each investment in proportion to the total value of the portfolio.  Worksheets are preformatted to be printed.

  • Cash and bank deposits
  • Listed securities and investment funds
  • Pie chart shows breakdown of total portfolio.
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