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Depreciation Spreadsheet

Calculate depreciation on your assets with this easy to use depreciation spreadsheet...


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Date Added: Oct 2002
Requirements: Microsoft Excel 97 and higher



Major assets that is used for more than one year is known as fixed assets.  The cost of these assets needs to be allocated to the business' income statement over more than one year.  For this reason we provide depreciation on the cost of a fixed asset at a rate that will reduce the cost of the asset to its estimated scrap or salvage value at the end of its useful lifetime.  Two common methods for providing depreciation are the straight-line and declining balance methods.

Fixed assets such as buildings, machinery, office furniture and equipment can all be depreciated.  Land can not be depreciated as it is not considered to be an expense.  It does not wear out like machinery and equipment and has an indefinite lifetime.

Accelerated depreciation is a faster method for providing depreciation.  Using this method one assumes that an asset looses the largest part of its value in the first year of use.  An example of accelerated depreciation is sum-of-the-years'-digits depreciation.

This Excel spreadsheet application calculates depreciation for accounting purposes.  You can choose among 4 different methods for calculating the depreciation.  Enter the original cost or book value of the asset, the depreciation rate, the accumulated depreciation at the beginning of the year and the expected salvage value of the asset.  The spreadsheet will then calculate the depreciation amount for the year, the monthly depreciation charge the new accumulated depreciation and the book value for the asset at the end of the year.  Worksheets are preformatted to be printed.  The spreadsheet also contains a brief description of each depreciation method.

  • Straight line depreciation
  • Declining balance depreciation
  • Depreciation using machine hours
  • Sum-of-the-years'-digits depreciation (accelerated depreciation)
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