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Automating Reconciliation Work

Use your computer to compare and reconcile data.

Automating Reconciliation Work

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Date Added: Aug 2001 (revised Sep 2004)
Requirements: Microsoft Excel 97 and higher



Reconciling and comparing sets of data to extract differences is a common task in the accounting and audit profession.  It is also required in many other professions such as scientific research.

This Excel spreadsheet template demonstrates and explain 8 steps to use spreadsheet software to do reconciliation work.  The technique is useful for very large sets of data which are impossible to compare manually by hand.  The same technique explained here can also be used in database software to compare even larger sets of data.

We revised the spreadsheet on 25 September 2004 to further refine the technique demonstrated.  We added 3 extra steps to make the reconciliation technique absolutely foolproof.

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