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Fixed Asset Register Spreadsheet
Calculate depreciation and keep track of your fixed assets...


File Size: 226 KB
Date Added: Dec 2002 (updated Nov 2003)
Requirements: Microsoft Excel 97 and higher



Is your fixed asset register a mess?  This Excel spreadsheet have been designed for the small to medium sized business owner to keep track of his fixed assets and automate depreciation calculations.  The fixed asset register spreadsheet contains ten pages.  The details of each asset in your business should be entered on a separate page.  You may add on additional pages in the worksheet.

The spreadsheet provides detail entries of depreciation for each accounting period and also calculates capital profit and loss at disposal.  It allows you to store the description, serial number, location and cost center, purchase price and date of purchase for each asset.  Choose how you want to depreciate the assets, the annual rate of depreciation and the residual value of the asset at the end of its economic lifetime.  The spreadsheet will calculate the depreciation, accumulated depreciation and book value of each asset for each accounting period.  You can also calculate depreciation for a part of the year or odd accounting periods, for example 6 or 18 month periods.

In June 2003 we updated the spreadsheet to include a summary sheet where totals of depreciation, accumulated depreciation, book value and costs of assets that are automatically calculated and displayed.

In November 2003, following recommendations from an accounting firm in the UK,  we updated the spreadsheet to print dates and times on each page along with more detail such as company and department name which is automatically displayed on each page.

  • Ten pages per worksheet
  • More pages may be added for additional assets.
  • Calculate straight line depreciation
  • Calculate reducing balance depreciation
  • Up to 25 depreciation periods
  • Calculate capital profit or loss on disposal
  • Built in controls with error messages to ensure accuracy
  • Summary sheet with totals.
  • Worksheets preformatted to be printed
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