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VAT Spreadsheet for 2004

A spreadsheet for calculating South African Value Added Tax...

VAT Spreadsheet

File Size: 30 KB
Date Added: Apr 2004
Requirements: Microsoft Excel 97 and higher



VAT (Value Added Tax) is an indirect tax in South Africa similar to sales tax in other countries.  VAT was introduced in South Africa in 1991.  It is valued at 14% of the value of goods and services supplied by registered vendors.  VAT is levied on goods and services of either a trade or capital nature supplied by vendors.  Vendors are businesses that have registered to levy VAT.

A registered vendor must calculate VAT on all goods and services supplied by him (outputs).  A registered vendor may deduct VAT paid on goods and services supplied to him (inputs) when he calculates the amount of VAT to be paid over to the SARS (South African Revenue Service).  A vendor's VAT liability is thus the net amount of VAT on outputs less inputs. If the amount of inputs exceed the amount of outputs for a period the vendor will receive a VAT refund from the SARS.

Thus, VAT is a tax levied on the amount of value added by a vendor in the economic supply chain.

The spreadsheet on this page was designed according to the provisions of the South African Value Added Tax Act of 1991 and amendments in 2004.  The spreadsheet contain a questionnaire for vendors to complete in order to calculate their VAT liability for a period.  There are 29 questions on the vendor outputs for a period and 14 questions regarding the vendor's inputs for the same period.

After completing the questionnaire a sample VAT 201 from is automatically produced and displayed by the spreadsheet.  The vendor can use this sample VAT 201 from to complete the official VAT 201 from that must be submitted by him after each VAT assessment period.  The sample VAT 201 form will also calculate and display the amount of VAT that must be paid over, or the VAT refund that the vendor can expect to receive back from the SARS.

  • 29 questions on outputs for the period of assessment
  • 14 questions on inputs for the period of assessment
  • Sample VAT201 from completed for you
  • VAT liability / refund automatically calculated
  • Help page explains how to use the spreadsheet
  • All pages in the spreadsheet are preformatted to be printed


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